The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
Where’s Colleen? Berkeley, CA!
cec_logo2014Conscious Eating Conference in Berkeley, CA

You are cordially invited to attend United Poultry Concerns’ Twelfth Annual Conference on the topic of ‘Conscious Eating’. Join Colleen for an inspiring and information-packed lecture (From Excuse-itarian to Vegan) that provides responses to everything from “I don’t have time to chop vegetables” and “I tried being vegetarian, but I just craved meat” to “I could give up everything, except cheese” and “Vegans don’t get enough protein”.

UPC’s Conscious Eating Conference will inform and empower our community about the true nature of sustainable and compassionate food choices. As we face unprecedented global challenges from climate change to food deserts, we know that agriculture plays a crucial role in these challenges and that it is our responsibility to make informed and conscious choices for ourselves, our environment, for animals, and the planet. Our 2014 conference will focus on backyard animal-keeping versus factory-farming, the “humane meat” myth, upgrading our language to replace terms disparaging plant-based foods as mere “substitutes” for animal products, and examining how animals can get lost in vegan advocacy discourse.

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