The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
Seven-Year Anniversary: An Uber Lovefest

In celebration of the seven-year anniversary of the podcast, I feature the letters of listeners who have been transformed by “Food for Thought.” The stories are as diverse as the listeners and reflect varied ages and backgrounds, but they all share common threads of hope and compassion. I hope you are as moved by the letters as I am humbled by them. If you ever once thought that “people don’t change,” then you’re in for quite a treat.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

A hen rescued from an egg-laying operation

Colleen and Rescued Hen

James Killen of Incentive Personal Training in Australia
David Cabrera and Alexander Gray, Alexander Gray Associates
Peter and Eric of peacefood cafe in New York City
Chris Hannah of Propaghandi, the very beloved punk band from Canada
Escape Velocity Radio podcast
Podcast interview with Tanya at Eat Drink Better
Stefani Day, Veganographer
Debbie Lynch, Common Spirit Organics
Molly Tetreault, Cafe Evolution
Charlie O’Keefe, “The Newfoundland Vampire”

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