The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
Confession: I Have a Vegan Agenda
sierra_originalSkepticism tends to shadow pro-vegan articles, leaving readers declaring that the author/source was “biased” or had a “vegan agenda,” thus casting doubt on the reliability and accuracy of the information. It’s rare for a pro-meat (or pro-dairy/pro-egg) article to garner the same response, even when it’s an advertisement or marketing copy.  The fact is everything we read comes from someone’s perspective: vegans have a vegan bias, and meat-eaters have a meat-eating bias, but because the latter matches the dominant culture/status quo, it takes on an air of neutrality.

Bullying and bashing have made vegans afraid to openly embrace their “vegan agenda,” lest it make them appear biased.

I’m here to say clearly and unabashedly that I’ve got an agenda: it’s to stop violence against of billions and billions of animals. It’s to empower people to make informed food choices so they experience optimal wellness – in body, mind, spirit, and community. It’s to share the joys and benefits of living such a life.

It’s true: I have an agenda. It’s called compassion. It’s true – I confess: I operate from biases of kindness, mercy, and nonviolence, and I’m proud of it. These biases compel me to not contribute to violence against animals, to make thoughtful, conscious decisions in order to cause the least amount of suffering. This biased lens through which I see the world dictates every decision I make, and that’s true for all of us, including those who eat animal flesh and fluids.

Understanding this means the difference between feeling empowered and confident rather than apologetic and defensive.

I have a vegan agenda, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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