The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
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podcast_graphic_250x250Now in its 8th year, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Food for Thought podcast is the longest running vegetarian/vegan podcast, which has over 755 5-star ratings on iTunes. It was voted Favorite Podcast by VegNews Magazine readers and garners 65,000 downloads a monthPodcast episodes air every two weeks, though some months contain three episodes.

Calling Patrick-Goudreau “a star in the vegetarian universe,” VegNews Magazine bestowed upon her The Vegan Martha Stewart award. Considered a “vegan guru” by everyone who hears her message, Colleen is an exhilarating speaker, a powerful writer, and a persuasive and trusted thought leader whose success can be measured by the thousands of people whose lives have been changed by her work. People literally turn to Colleen to ask the question WWCPGD? (What Would Colleen Patrick-Goudreau Do?), which is also the name of one of her main podcast segments in which she answers people’s questions about everything related to living compassionately and healthfully. (Learn more here.)

A real tattoo by a real listener!

A real tattoo by a real listener!

In other words, whatever Colleen says is as good as gold as far as her audience is concerned. If Colleen promotes or features a company, product, service, or brand, that’s all the endorsement they need.

Now…imagine tapping into her loyal audience to let them know what you have to offer. This is your opportunity to turn their trust in Colleen into new customers for you. We’re so excited to create this win-win for everyone!

For a single podcast sponsorship, you get

-A 60-second on-air ad in which Colleen names your company, your tagline, and a sentence or two about who you are and what you do (you provide the copy that she reads in her own voice), along with your website URL in the beginning of the episode. It’s similar to the NPR “underwriting” model, but because Colleen is promoting your company with her own enthusiasm, it’s much more integrated and authentic.

-A 15-second on-air ad in the middle of the episode in which Colleen names your company, your tagline, and your website.

-A closing ad at the end of the episode thanking you once more. NOTE: Podcast sponsors are limited to three per episode, so you’ll never get lost in the shuffle!

-A 250 x 250 full-color ad on every page of (50,000+ visitors each month), rotating with only 5 other ads of the same size. For each podcast episode you sponsor, you remain on the site for a minimum of 30 days and for as long as you remain a sponsor.

-Several mentions/links throughout the month on Colleen’s Facebook pages (over 30,000 followers) and Twitter feed (over 12,100 followers).

-You are (forever) listed as the sponsor in the description of each episode you sponsor, which appears everywhere that description appears, including on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and everywhere else the podcast is listed.

We also offer valuable discounts for multiple episodes:

1x = $795
3x = $715 (10% discount)
6x = $675 (15% discount)
12x = $636 (20% discount)

Art Specs
Size = 250 x 250 (width x height)
Format = GIF or JPEG
Maximum file size = 60k
Please email artwork to

Design Services
We work with an expert ad designer who can create gorgeous, effective artwork at an affordable price. Our flat-rate pricing is $100 for a static ad.

Advertising Contact
Please contact Carol with any questions you have, to reserve your space, and to tap into an audience who is quite literally waiting for you to appear!

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Carol Treacy


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