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Letter to Talking Turkey About Holiday Fare

Dear Paula, Was your piece about turkeys (Talking Turkey About Holiday Fare) supposed to be an objective article or a subjective editorial? Because despite the fact that your byline says you’re a journalist, no journalism was to be found – only a “he said, she said” account. Your turkey...

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Got Their Milk?

“9.2 million cows are currently held in U.S. dairy operations. In 2012, 3,151,800 “dairy cows” were killed for “low milk yields.” In 2012, 772,200 male calves were born to “dairy cows,” killed for the sin of being born. Got their milk?” ~Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

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Dairy Industry Survivor

“Linus was a calf born to a dairy cow, owned by a small-scale farmer who ordered him killed when he saw he was male. Males, after all, are useless in an industry that exploits the female reproductive system. Luckily, a compassionate individual intervened, and Linus lives safely at Farm...

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Today’s Message of Compassion: Making the Connection

“Once a human makes a connection with non-human animals, it’s nearly impossible to kill them. It’s why those in the slaughter industry do everything they can to disconnect themselves from the terrified animals whose lives they end. If every one of us could see the individuals we pay to...

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Today’s Message of Compassion: Their Lives are Their Own

“I simply do not believe that our desire for entertainment, fashion, and gustatory pleasure is worth compromising our own ethics and sacrificing the lives of billions of animals. Like us, their bodies are their own; they’re not ours to use. Like us, their babies are their own; they’re not...

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