The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals – Stage Two: Guilt & Remorse

After providing an overview of The 10 Stages We Go Through When We Stop Eating Animals (check out the previous episode called From Consumption to Compassion, as well as Stage One: Validation), today’s episode focuses on the second stage: Guilt & Remorse. This is the stage where we reflect...

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Today’s Message of Compassion: Playing Pretend

“When we turn away from the reality of what we do to animals for our gustatory pleasure, we play a game of pretend, like the child who covers her eyes and thinks you can’t see her. And yet, there she remains. Closing our eyes doesn’t make violence disappear; it...

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An Unnatural Life Span

I have yet to meet a non-vegan who doesn’t care about the treatment of animals bred and killed for human consumption. Even people who eat animal-based meat, aware on some level that the experience is unpleasant for the animals, will tell you they object to unnecessary abuse. Nobody wants...

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When Slaughter is the Measuring Stick

Just a thought for the day… When people say that “backyard slaughter” is better than “factory farming and industrialized slaughter,” it demonstrates how low the bar has sunk and how little we think of ourselves. At what point did we make “industrialized slaughter” the standard by which we measure...

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