The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.

Compassionate Cooks Club Members/Podcast Supporters

Gold and Platinum members receive recognition for their generous support of and participation in The Compassionate Cooks Club!

Platinum Members

Rik Ahlberg

Tim Anderson

Alexander Gray Associates

David Cabrera and Alexander Gray

Chris Hannah of Propagandhi/Escape Velocity Radio


US Army CPT Janie L. Mena

Members of the Norwegian Vegan Society

Peter and Eric of Peacefood Cafe in NYC


Gold Members

Joy Afif

Leila Alderman and Daniel Aguilar

The Alvord Family

Anonymous in New York

Allie & Ian Bailey of

Jayson Biggins and Natalie Foley

Patty Bilhartz

Jenn Bridge

Katie Brown, United Poultry Concerns

Sally Burns

Chelsea Collins

Claudia in Austria,

Lynette Cowie, and

Nat Denkin

Debra Durant, Invisible Voices

Kathleen Estes

Nicole M. Evaul, VeggiEvolution

Anya Grechka, Life One Breath at a Time

Justin Grossbard, The Hamper Emporium

Despina Handolias, Ethical Eating

Sara Harding, Sara Danielle Designs

Sonja Harrison

Stephanie Helgeson

Otilia Horntvedt, Sweden

Katharina Ikels

Lynne Jensen

Melanie Jones

Suzanne Kay, Silent Grace Yoga

Jennifer Kearns, Jennifer Kearns Photography

Amorette Kwan

Alison Langlais

Penelope Low

Lisa Marsaudon, Pink Glitter

Deborah McDowell, Peaceful Prairie

Rendina McFadden

Valerie McGowan, My Vegan Christian Life

Belen Molina

Yoko Murabe

Justin & Jennifer Nemeth, &

Ronit Novak

Kyle Olund

Rachel O’Malley, Rachel O’Malley Photography

Kari Parker

Cherie Pomeranz

Todd Pope & Ramey Littell

Brighde Reed, iTravel-Online

Sylvie Rockel

Liz Rotundo

Emily Rowell & Daniel Brown, Pieces/Peaces

Jennilyn Schaffer

Daniel Shields

Joanna Slodownik, and

Jeannine Smith

Grant and Leah Souder

Rachel Squires

Devin St. Clair and Amanda Mann, Sweet and Savory Vegan and Devin St

Ben Strothman, Ben Strothmann Photography and Honey LaBronx

Akiva Szental, EatNow

John Taylor, Unbounded Existence

Ryan Thibodaux

Becky Tombleson

Dianne Waltner

Janet Watkin

Rebekah Youngers,

Kathleen Ziolkowski

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