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Testimonials about Colleen’s Lectures

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“At our recent “Your Health, Your Planet” event in Tucson, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau confirmed her reputation as a truly engaging speaker who is able to articulate the true meaning of compassion with clarity, humor, and conviction. In a world too full of people whose advocacy for a cause or point of view often comes across as convenient or faddish, Colleen’s passion for the welfare of all sentient beings was evident to everyone in the audience. Her ability to detail the role healthy, responsible nutrition can and must play in improving the lives of all animals, as well as the health of the planet, was deeply appreciated and was rewarded by a standing ovation. All of us at Healthy You Network are looking forward to her return to speak at a future event of ours.” ~John Reid, Executive Director, HealthYou Network

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is that rare individual who manages to make everyone around her feel safe and comfortable, even as she challenges each of us to take a clear-eyed look at the painful truths that hide in plain sight. She ably inspires audiences to do what we can to make the world a safer place for everyone, human and nonhuman alike. I was very impressed when she spoke to my students at Cornell, as she engaged both their hearts and their minds, speaking her truth in clear and compelling terms while remaining warm, open and fully present for the students’ own perspectives and questions. She is a fresh voice on the horizon, a woman who will awaken our slumbering conscience while providing the support and encouragement needed to succeed. When Colleen talks, people listen!” ~Sherry Colb, Cornell University Law School

“Every year, my company holds an employee health fair where we address a myriad of health and wellness issues.  Lucky for us, Colleen lives relatively close to our corporate offices and graciously spent a portion of her day (her 10th wedding anniversary!) sharing her knowledge and compassion with our employees.  While ‘controversial’ to some of our staff, her presentation received rave reviews and has sparked ongoing conversation among our staff regarding food choices and compassionate living.  How lucky are we that she is right in our back yard?  Thanks, Colleen for not only presenting at our health fair but for also all you do to educate and raise awareness.” ~Bonnie Carl, RN, MBA, Senior Practice Management Consultant, CEP America/MedAmerica

“Out of hundreds of individual presentations, Colleen’s plenary speech at the Animal Rights 2011 National Conference was one of the highest praised of the entire event. Countless attendees, including myself, were moved by her compassion towards everyone from vegan activists to vegan-denouncers, and her call for us to take inspiration from the animals we fight for was exactly what our participants needed to hear that morning.” ~Michael A. Weber, Program Director, Animal Rights National Conference and Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

“Colleen’s visit to Arizona State University (the largest college campus in the US) was enjoyed by a range of students, staff, faculty and community members. We hosted three events – one on campus, one at a community-centered bookstore, and one at a popular vegan restaurant – all to maximum capacity. All these audiences “relished” Colleen’s passion, vibrancy, and eloquence! She speaks beyond the choir, to impact those who arrive curious and leave dedicated to living a more compassionate lifestyle. I continue to receive compliments for bringing such a sparkling communicator to our campus and community!”  ~Lauren Kuby, Manager, Events & Community Engagement, Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s presentation Animals and the Arts showed the subtle and overt ways in which representation can shape compassion. With her powerful and sometimes humorous style, Colleen provided yet another lens in which to view our relationships with animals. With examples of how artists — filmmakers, writers, and visual artists — have reflected and magnified the way cultural values are shaped, Colleen raises the critical bar for discussing compassion as an ethical and moral imperative. Thank you, Colleen, for your incredibly illuminating work.” ~Alexander Gray, Principal and Co-Founder, Alexander Gray Associates

“Entertaining . . . inspiring . . . educational. Colleen’s presentation (Ambassadors of Compassion: The Value of Animal Sanctuaries) at our sanctuary opening was that and more. When Colleen speaks, everyone listens. With her unwavering voice and powerful message, she inspires people to live according to their own values, despite the fact that we live in a world that treats kindness in adults as an oddity instead of a normalcy. Those of us who work to protect the most abused animals on the earth are grateful for Colleen’s ability to be articulate, funny, and engaging. We can’t wait to bring her back!” ~Kim Sturla, Executive Director, Animal Place

“We were delighted to have Colleen Patrick-Goudreau speak at the first annual vegan bloggers conference, Vida Vegan Con, in August 2011. On a personal note, she has been an inspiration to me since I discovered her podcasts shortly after I went vegan. Her knowledge and passion shine through her work, and her fierce dedication make her a powerhouse in both the animals rights and cooking worlds. Colleen gave one of the most populated and buzzed-about presentations at Vida Vegan Con – people are still talking about it! She is a gifted speaker and we were thrilled to have her involved in our inaugural conference.” ~Janessa Philemon-Kerp, Co-Founder and Director, Vida Vegan Con

“In my over thirty years exploring vegetarian and vegan issues I cannot recall hearing a more important talk than this passionate talk (From Excuse-itarian to Vegan) by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  Anyone concerned with good health, nutrition, the environment, and matters concerning other sentient beings we call animals, must listen to Colleen.  She is indeed a treasure!”  ~Robert Ashley Martin, Board member, San Francisco Vegetarian Society

“Colleen did it again! She always manages to be a top-notch, inspirational speaker on successfully manifesting our values of compassion and wellness! There are very few speakers who can so profoundly address the ways in which we can promote a compassionate and healthful lifestyle. She is not only intellectually brilliant, she also has emotional intelligence and helps us find our voice without seeming threatening. For those who use excuses to avoid a vegan lifestyle, Colleen offers helpful, kind tools to negate those excuses in any situation. Thank you Colleen for your passion, intellect and ability to communicate. You are one of my heroines and I am so happy to have you as a leader of this important movement.” ~Linda Middlesworth, Food for Life Instructor, PCRM & Organizer, Sacramento Vegan Society

“Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s talk, From Excuse-itarian to Vegan, was incredibly inspiring, combining intelligence, common sense, and humor. She has so much information to share, including tips for new and aspiring vegans and words of wisdom for long-time vegans. Her advice for talking to non-vegan family members, friends, and co-workers, was invaluable, particularly for those who want to improve their advocacy skills. We’re grateful for her visit with us, and we’d love to have her back!” ~Dianne Wenz, Montclair Vegans Organizer

“Colleen is a fantastic speaker! Very charismatic and funny, and brings a great set of tools to advocacy, focusing on listening and compassion. So glad my husband and I got to hear her speak!” ~Rachel Castelino, Montclair Vegans

“Is there a better word for awesome? Perhaps, awe-inspiring or maybe splendid would be correct? This was a very worthwhile event as Colleen displayed an intimate and subtle way to get the point across without appearing forceful when attempting to spread the compassion connection. Vegan since 2009, I still consider myself new and not fully informed and Colleen brought out this clarity more to the next level. Getting together with the group as well and meeting fellow Vegan friends was pleasant and content to be part this community.” ~Debra Buria, Montclair Vegans

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