The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this website about?

Our website exists to support you on your journey to optimal health and unconditional compassion. It appeals to those who are taking their first steps to a more compassionate lifestyle to seasoned vegans who are inspired to join Colleen’s thriving and supportive community. Adopting a healthful, animal-friendly way of living has never been easier, and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is here as your guide to help make the transition joyfully, healthfully, and confidently.

  • Who is Colleen Patrick-Goudreau?

She is an author, public speaker, and educator dedicated to giving people the tools and resources they need to live according to their own values of compassion and wellness. Read more about her here.

  • Why should I join the Compassionate Cooks Club?

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Food for Thought podcast, which has changed thousands of lives, is overwhelmingly listener-supported. Through her podcast, books, articles, classes, and speaking engagements, she has produced powerful, inspiring work and created a special community of informed, joyful citizens. Memberships appeal to those who want to enable Colleen to continue her effective work, as well as for those looking for inspiration and information for living healthfully and compassionately. Learn more here.

  • Can I talk to Colleen directly?

Due to the volume of messages Colleen receives every day, a personal chat with her is not possible. However, if you attend one of her events or speaking engagements, you are guaranteed to be able to chat with her. Although she is unable to respond directly, each and every email Colleen receives is answered by trusted communication liaisons who respond with the same care and attention that she would herself. And even though she can’t reply herself, Colleen personally reads everything she receives and loves hearing from readers, members, podcast listeners, and everyone in between. So don’t hesitate to write to her at

  • Can I book Colleen for a speaking engagement?

Absolutely – she would be honored to speak at your event! You can read the testimonials of those who have already brought Colleen in to speak. To book a lecture or speaking engagement with Colleen, please contact Brighde Reed at

  • Can I get my books signed by Colleen?

Indeed! When you purchase Colleen’s books directly through her website, you are guaranteed to receive a signed copy. (In doing so, you are supporting an author directly, which really means a lot.) The same goes if you’re able to catch her at one of her booksignings/speaking engagements. Check her schedule to see if she’s coming to a town near you!

  • Is the newsletter free?

Yes, the Food for Thought newsletter is free and published regularly. You can subscribe (or unsubscribe) anytime. It’s a fantastic way to keep updated about Colleen’s work, schedule, announcements, news, and future endeavors.

  • Where can I buy Colleen’s books?

Her books are available everywhere books are sold – from small independent stores to chains. Signed copies are available through our website, which supports Colleen directly, but all of Colleen’s books are also available at the large booksellers online. Don’t hesitate to ask your local bookstore to carry any of her books if you don’t see them on the shelves.

  • I have a question about my membership or order. Who can I contact?

Please write to for any questions or suggestions. You will be answered in a timely manner.

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