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Joyful Vegan Jewelry

Exclusive Compassionate Cooks Jewelry

Designed by Christy Robinson

We are so thrilled to have partnered with talented jewelry designer Christy Robinson to offer an exclusive line of Compassionate Cooks jewelry. We will be offering other designs, but we are excited to begin with our “Joyful Vegan” heart pendants. You may choose either sterling silver or recycled aluminum. Please visit Christy’s FAQ for more information about the materials she uses and how to clean them.

Sterling Silver ‘Joyful Vegan’ Heart with Sterling Silver Adjustable Chain
- $34, plus shipping*
Silver Joyful Vegan Necklace close-up Silver Joyful Vegan Necklace
Recycled Aluminum ‘Joyful Vegan’ Heart with Sterling Silver Adjustable Chain
- $24, plus shipping*
Aluminum Joyful Vegan Necklace close-up Aluminum Joyful Vegan Necklace close-up


*Standard shipping costs are calculated for domestic orders only. For international orders, we will contact you with the additional shipping charges once your order has been placed.

Christy became a jeweler in 1993 and an animal advocate in 1996 – and merges the two in the beautiful and thought-provoking pieces she creates. Christy is thrilled to be collaborating with Colleen on a exclusive jewelry line; herself a huge fan of Colleen’s work, she considers it truly an honor to be working with other like-minded, passionate folks.

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