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Letter to Talking Turkey About Holiday Fare

Dear Paula, Was your piece about turkeys (Talking Turkey About Holiday Fare) supposed to be an objective article or a subjective editorial? Because despite the fact that your byline says you’re a journalist, no journalism was to be found – only a “he said, she said” account. Your turkey...

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Letter to Mother Jones about Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter

Dear Mother Jones Editors, The piece you allowed to run on your website yesterday (about “DIY Slaughter”) was so poorly thought out that it doesn’t deserve a direct response, which is why I’m writing to the Mother Jones editors. I’m one of the founders and organizers of Neighbors Opposed...

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Letter to San Francisco Chronicle about Backyard Slaughter

I found your article about urban farming and backyard slaughter alarmingly one-sided and biased towards Novella Carpenter and her desire to kill animals. I’ve seen and read enough of Carpenter to be quite disturbed by the glee with which she describes killing the natural predators of the animals she...

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Letters to The Atlantic Monthly

In my last post, I encouraged you to write to The Atlantic Monthly Magazine after getting your hands on a copy of the Sept. 2007 issue. The email address is In the meantime, I thought I would share with you both my letter as well as that of...

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Letter to New York Times Magazine

I wrote this letter on 3/27/06 in response to a lengthy article detailing the “thrill of hunting pigs” by Michael Pollan. As the character Rowf says in Richard Adams’ novel, The Plague Dogs: “it’s a bad world for animals.” (Richard Adams also wrote Watership Down.) Dear Editor, There is...

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