The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
Ambassadors of Compassion

“It’s up to each one of us to create the compassionate world we say we want to live in; as ambassadors for compassion, we can make it happen.” ~Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

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What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals – Stage One: Validation and the Voracious Consumption of Information

After providing an overview of The 10 Stages You Go Through When You Stop Eating Animals (check out the previous episode called From Consumption to Compassion), today’s episode focuses on the first stage: Validation and the Voracious Consumption of Information. This is the stage when you seek to get...

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I Am an Animal

In a compassionate paradigm, it would be a compliment and not an insult to be called an animal. After all, that’s who we are. In embracing our animal selves, human animals would find humility, and non-human animals would be elevated – perhaps not as gods but as whole, complex,...

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The End of the Food for Thought Podcast?

Without a doubt, this podcast has saved and changed thousands of lives, and it’s imperative it stay on the air. Listen to this short episode about how to make this possible, how to get a free copy of On Being Vegan, and how we can reach thousands more people...

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Confession: I Have a Vegan Agenda

Skepticism tends to shadow pro-vegan articles, leaving readers declaring that the author/source was “biased” or had a “vegan agenda,” thus casting doubt on the reliability and accuracy of the information. It’s rare for a pro-meat (or pro-dairy/pro-egg) article to garner the same response, even when it’s an advertisement or...

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