The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
The Favors We Do Animals…By Eating Them?

In his famous “Autobiography,” published posthumously in 1793, Benjamin Franklin recounts his experience following a vegetarian diet when he was 16 years old. Having read Thomas Tryon’s 1691 book “The Way to Health,” which extolls the many benefits of a “vegetable diet,” Franklin found that it promoted “greater clearness...

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How To Have A Vegan Passover (GirlieGirl Army)

Passover Vegan-Style: It’s that time again. When kids ask the questions, and the adults have to give them presents for their inquisitiveness. GGA is rife with vegan friendly Passover recipes. In fact, last years best of is already viral again. But in the interest of keeping our freedom fresh,...

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How Veggies Can Help Put You in the Mood

The body is a complex organism, but in many ways its needs are simple. Whittling it down, a healthy body is all about blood flow—blood flowing through our arteries to get to all the places it needs to go, easily and without hindrance. Each time we eat, we have...

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Italy’s frutta heaven (Christian Science Monitor)

As someone who travels frequently for both business and pleasure, I’m quite aware of how easy it is to find junk food on the road and how it takes a little extra effort to find whole plant-based foods. One of my favorite places to experience the latter is Italy, whose...

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Giving Thanks: Veg Style!

The chill in the air and the turning of the leaves means it’s almost time to celebrate the autumn harvest à la Thanksgiving! However, when non-vegetarians think of the idea of eating vegan on Thanksgiving, they’re often aghast. They can’t imagine what vegans eat if they don’t eat turkey,...

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