The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau in a Nutshell

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has dedicated her life to empowering people to make informed food choices, to debunking myths about veganism, and to inspiring people to live according to their values of compassion and healthfulness. This video captures the vastness of her work in 2 minutes. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:In a Nutshell on...

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The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

In this 2-minute video, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau talks about her newest book, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Cleaner, Getting Leaner, and Living Compassionately, now in bookstores everywhere!! (Signed copies available.) The 30-Day Vegan Challenge on Vimeo.

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Tempeh Bacon Cooking Demonstration

Tempeh is unfamiliar to many, but not for long. In this informative demonstration, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau talks about what tempeh is, reveals her secret for preparing it, and shows us how to make a delicious tempeh bacon that is full of familiar saltiness, smokiness, and flavor but devoid of saturated...

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Black Olive Bruschetta with Cashew Cream

This is a beautiful and delicious appetizer. The contrast between the white cashew cream and black olives is striking, and the combination of the chewy pine nuts and creamy cashew puree is just fantastic. Enjoy! Black Olive Bruschetta with Cashew Cream on Vimeo.

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Garlic and Greens Soup

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau from Compassionate Cooks ( demonstrates a delicious and nutritious Garlic and Greens Soup. Garlic and Greens Soup from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on Vimeo.

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